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Invert by Clinton W. Waters

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  • Invert
  • Clinton W. Waters
  • Page: 128
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9798765567579
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press

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Ebook for jsp projects free download Invert

In an alternative history 1950s, where atomic war was waged on the US during World War II, birth rates are dangerously low. As a result, The Department of Virtue was founded to ensure that not only are people procreating, but they're doing it the right way.  The Virtuous Family is a ubiquitous reminder of all that Americans should strive to be. Greer's life is ruled by the DOV.  An invert reformed in one of the nation's many Sanctuaries, he is employed as a "Screw" (Sex Crime Worker).  It's his job to entrap other men into making advances so they can be arrested and similarly "reformed". His wife, Alice, is a cured invert as well, prescribed by the state and ordered to attempt procreation.  By chance, they have met another invert couple, Bill and Sally.  Their romance must remain a secret, or else they may not be given another chance.  For Greer, there are eyes in every window and shadows down every side street waiting to catch him slip. When Greer is assigned Matthews as a new partner, he has to wonder if this man is a plant, meant to keep an eye on him, or if this new Screw is just another victim of Virtue. Invert is a gay fiction noir-inspired psychosexual thriller.

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